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Our signature medium depth peel goes deeper than other peels and provides a greater degree of exfoliation. It contains: Glutathione (an anti-oxidant), kojic acid, phenol, salicylic acid, vitamin C and Retinoic acid in varying amounts. 

The range of acids work at varying depths to provide a full level of exfoliation, whilst the anti-oxidants keep the skin calm during the process and the Retinoic acid increases skin cell turnover. 

The perfect peel is perfect for all skin types and requires no preparation before use.  It can also be used on all areas of the body but the face, neck and chest are the most common.  This peel is a great choice for those who want to see a bigger difference and do not mind a stronger peeling effect for the following week.

Most common conditions treated:

  • Pigmentation /  dark spots

  • acne

  • dull complexion

  • fine lines and wrinkles

  • stimulates skin top produces its own natural moisture

  • Assists with skin brightening and tightening

  • Decreases risk associated with UVA/UVB damage

  • Improved skin tone

After application, the peel should stay on the skin for at least 6 hours before washing off.  During this time do not rub, touch or apply anything to the area.

Peeling will typically occur on day 3-5 and can last up to a week.  You may also experiences some redness and soreness around the area.  Normal skin care routines can be used after day 6 of treatment.

Acne and pigmentation boosters are also available with the peel for those who have stubborn conditions.  However, It is best to use the peel on its own if it is your first time being treated.

You will also be given an after care package which must be followed for the next five days to maximise results.

Skin may take 2 days to begin peeling and can take up to 14 days to completely heal.   

Note: Our chemical peels can only be used by trained staff and will only be supplied after a consultation. 

A minumum of 3 skin peel sessions are usually required to achieve optimum results, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Price: from £260 per treatment

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