bottle of PCA perfecting peel

Our PCA perfecting peel, is the only peel to contain 20% mandalic acid and 10% lactic. 

These two Alpha-hydroxy acids are water soluble and work on the surface of the skin to remove dead cells, improve surface texture and fine lines and increase collagen production.  Studies have shown that this peel is also great for improving superficial hyper-pigmentation and melasma concerns.  Mandalic acid also has beta-hydroxy acid properties which means it will blend with oils and therefore, helps to fight acne and breakouts.

This peel is safe for darker skin type (Fitzpatrick 3-6) and also sensitive skin.  It can be used on the neck and chest where skin is usually thinner than on the face.

The gentle formulation and multiple properties of this peel make this one of our most commonly used peels at our clinic.  The peel has the added benefit that it does not need to be neutralised and will stay on the skin overnight.

Furthermore, this peel can be added in layers.  The more you have this peel, the more layers can be added on to give you a greater degree of exfoliation.

Note: Our chemical peels can only be used by trained staff and will only be supplied after a consultation. 

A minimum of 3 skin peel sessions are usually required to achieve optimum results, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.  Results can be seen after just a single session.

Price: from £85 per treatment

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