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Pre and Post Instructions for Micro Needling

Before micro needling Watford clients will be asked to discontinue the use of retinol and Vitamin A creams. You will need to wear sunscreen daily and be sure to use appropriate home care products for your skin.
After micro needling Watford clients shouldn’t apply sunscreen or makeup for 12 hours following treatment. You can wash your face a few hours after treatment or before bedtime. You should use a gentle cleanser and use tepid water. Anywhere from 12 to 72 hours after treatment, you can apply mineral makeup. However, you should still be using a gentle cleanser, as well as sunblock. After 72 hours, you can begin your regular skincare regimen, which includes the use of retinol products. Retinol products are encouraged for the best results. Avoid any alcohol-based toners for 14 days following the procedure and excessive sun exposure for 10 days. It’s important to not go swimming for 24 hours after treatment and to avoid any strenuous activity or exercise.

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