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Before getting lip fillers, clients should ask these questions

The number of people visiting an aesthetic clinic to get lip fillers has increased. Before getting lip fillers Watford residents will have some questions, and the aesthetic clinic will have some questions for the client.
Clients should always get more information about the qualifications of the clinician and their experience. Clients should also ask if they would be willing to deal with any complications that happen. It also helps to do some research on which filler you want to use. Even if you have done your research on what filler you want to use, your clinician may have some suggestions depending on what will work for your situation.
The clinician should discuss the desires and expectations of treatment and what is achievable within the limitation of the treatment. Clinicians should also discuss the longevity of the filler, which is usually around six to nine months. Clinicians should discuss the anesthesia choices and fully explain each one. The client then decides if she wants to use none, topical cream, ice, or a local anaesthetic block. The clinician should make you fully aware of any side effects that can happen, including redness, bruising, swelling, and infection. Clinicians should detail any downtime involved and if the client will need any time off of work.
The lip filler procedure should follow a certain timeline. Pre-treatment photos are taken and there is anesthesia used if chosen. The area is cleaned. The upper lip is injected first then the lower lip. There will be a massage of the lips and the application of post-procedural cream. You will be given written and postoperative instructions and an assessment of the final results. Then post-treatment photographs are taken. It’s normal for swelling to happen and it usually settles within the first four days. You can use antihistamines or cold packs in order to manage the swelling.

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