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Fat Dissolving Injections. Unrecognizable Doctor Making Lipolysis Shot With Syringe To Fem

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What is Fat dissolving injections?

Fat dissolving injections work by breaking down the cell membrane of fat cells, allowing them to disintegrate and be excreted in your urine.  Once fat cells are broken down they cannot regenerate.  Therefore fat dissolving injections can be very effective in stubborn pockets of fat which aren't breaking down by healthy living regimes.

Lemon bottle

Lemon bottle is the brand we use at the Aesthetics Club for fat dissolving injections.  Lemon bottle works by a process called 'hydrolysis' commonly known as dissolving.  It consists of 3 main ingredients: Lethicin, Bromelain and Riboflavin (vitamin b2).  Lethicin (a naturally derived fatty substance) breaks down the cell membrane which gives access to the other ingredients to work effectively.  Bromelain (derived from pineapple)- helps with 'lipolysis' (the breakdown of larger chain fatty acid chains into smaller ones).  This ingredient also reduces swelling and inflammation post treatment.  Riboflavin is involved in our metabolism and helps by turning carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy.  It helps discharge dissolved fat cells from the body and aids with lipolysis.

Note: Once fat cells are dissolved they do not regenerate in that area. However, if diet is not controlled after treatment, other existing fat cells will take on the extra gain leading to fat build up in other areas.


Commonly treated areas:

  • Face (double chin, jowls)​

  • Arms (bingo wings)

  • Abdomen (stomach belly fat, love handles)

  • Back fat 

  • Thighs (inner / outer thighs, buttocks)

How many sessions are required?


The number of sessions required is directly correlated to your body fat percentage.  Typically 3-5 sessions carried out weekly provides optimal results.  Results are rapid and can be seen even after one session.  Treatment is fairly painless and numbing cream is generally used.  We advise drinking plenty of water post treatment and to follow a strict diet.  Results are permanent if aftercare is followed carefully and aftercare advice will be provided.

Price (per session):

Small area (usually on face): £175

Full stomach, Arms, Back fat, love handles, Thighs: £325


15% off package of 3 sessions

20% off package of 5 sessions

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