Skin peels are a form of exfoliation and are perfectly healthy for all skin types.  As we age, sun damage, pollution, chemicals and certain cosmetics, alongside the body's natural ageing process, can result in skin damage and the need for some extra assistance.  Skin peels will re-educate the way the skin grows and help to remove dead or damaged skin resulting in a post rejuvinated and glowing complexion.

A variety of peels are available at the Aesthetics Club and our practitioner will assess your skin type and needs to determine which peel is suitable for you.

Many peels contain acids, known as Alpha-hydroxy acids, or beta-hydroxy acids.  These acids are safe and come from natural sources.  They only penetrate the 1st layer of the skin and are superficial.

Our salicylic acid peel, is a good basis to start from and is considered a lighter peel.  For many, this peel is sufficient and has little downtime.

We also provide a "perfecting Peel" by PCA which contains, lactic acid (from milk) and mandelic acid (from almonds), for those that need that need the extra support.

Our retinol peels (vitamin A) are for those looking to: rejuvenate, refresh and hydrate their skin.  They are available in two strengths: 4% and 6%.  Retinol peels work by absorbing into the papillary dermis layer of the skin and removing the skin above it, creating formation of new skin.  These peels are for those with deeper concerns.

Our "red-carpet peel" known as the 'Oxy-trio,' can be used for those wanting instant results with no downtime.  It's a great option for events or the weekend.

These Peels are often used to:

  • Help maintain healthy skin and is quite effective for those affected by acne. 

  • Anti-ageing care and also help to remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Boost skin elasticity and slow collagen breakdown.

  • Remove unwanted discolouration (moderate).

  • improve texture and tone


Skin may take 2 days to begin peeling and can take up to 14 days to completely heal.   

Note: Our chemical peels can only be used by trained staff and will only be supplied after a consultation. 

Alternative skin treatments:

1. Oxy-trio treatment

2. advanced retinol skin booster

A minumum of 3 skin peel sessions are usually required to achieve optimum results, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Price: from £85 per treatment

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