image showing a home kit containing various products which help rdue pigmentatin on the skin.

The Neoretin Discrom is a home pigmentation kit carefully designed to clear stubborn pigmentation over a 12 week period.

Neoretin® Discrom Control is an effective lightening regimen of photo-damaged skin & skin with dark spots or hyper-pigmentation that combines RetinSphere® Technology with Whitening Booster System, a system of powerful actives (including Kojic acid, lightening peptides and Niacinamide) which intervene in all phases of melanin production and synthesis, thus ensuring optimal pigment control. Skin is clear, brighter and with a more even complexion.

A daily routine must be followed daily with gelcream applied in the morning and the serum applied in the evening. Lightening pads are used weekly to provide a peeling effect.

Neoretin discrom is a professional home care treatment and will be supplied after a consultation with our practitioner.

Price: £150

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