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What are lower face treatments?


Botulinum toxin A, is commonly used on the upper face to treat and prevent wrinkle formation but can also be used on the lower face and neck for a number of aesthetic purposes.

Botulinum toxin works by paralysing the muscle (by blocking the nerve which attaches to the muscle).  Not only does this prevent wrinkle formation but it can also contour and slim parts of the face which may be out of proportion.

Muscles have a dynamic effect which pulls the skin and other facial features in certain directions.  By paralysing certain muscle groups we can treat: Asymmetry, oversized muscles and oddly shaped features.

Jaw line slimming:

One very common treatment using Botulinum toxin A, is for jawline slimming.  By clenching down with your teeth and placing a finger on the angle of the jawline, you will most likely feel a muscle here known as the 'masseter' muscle.  By reducing the size of this muscle we can achieve a more proportional jawline and slim the angle of the face.

Nose tip elevation:

If you have a droopy nose tip, this can be raised by relieving the muscle which pulls down the tip of the nose.

Gummy smile:

A gummy smile is when you smile shows too much gum above the upper row of teeth.  We can help lower the top lip to solve this issue.

Pebbled chin:

When making an angry expression, you may notice your chin becomes dimpled or pebbled.  This can be relaxed and treated.

smokers lines:

Smokers lines appear on the top lip due to pursing your lips too often.  The muscle here can be relaxed to treat the lines which appear.

Downward smile:
If you feel as if you smile is constantly facing south, this can be relieved and turned upward.
Platysmal neck bands:
If you notice muscles in your neck (known as neck bands) are protruding too far out, this can be minimised with this treatment.


Prices will be given on request due to the variability of each treatment.


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