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What causes hair loss?


Losing hair can be a daunting experience making you feel uncomfortable, socially anxious and unconfident.  Hair has been known to protect the head from direct sunlight but it is also a known attractive feature and millions are spent each year on hair products and hair stylists.

Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons and hair loss patterns can determine as to why the hair loss has been caused.  For example male pattern baldness is generally seen as a receding hairline from the front and a bald spot on the crown of the head.  Male pattern baldness primarily occurs due to hormonal changes and your body being sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (a metabolite of testosterone).  Hair loss can also occur for other reasons such as: menopause, autoimmune conditions, certain medication (e.g. certain oral or invasive contraceptives), thyroid gland issues, lifestyle factors and being low on essential nutrients.


What treatments are available?

Hair mesotherapy can be used with great effect to promote hair growth and nourish cells just under the skin.  A number of superficial injections are used around the scalp to nourish target cells, promote blood flow and stimulate hair follicles lying deep in the dermal layer of the skin. 

Compared to hair growth tablets (which have to be taken daily) and various scalp applications such as regaine (which show limited results), our technique has no side effects and does not require daily treatment.  Furthermore, results are greater as we reach deeper into the skin which topical applications fail to do.

Maximum results are achieved when combining "Platelet-rich plasma therapy" in conjunction with our "Haircare mesotherapy" treatment. 



How does it work?

A minimum of 5-6 sessions required to stimulate hair growth is required.  We offer an intensive course of one session every two weeks for two to three months.  The frequency can then be reduced to once every three monthly and then once every six monthly thereafter.

Note: Mesotherapy and PRP will only be supplied after a consultation with the practitioner has been completed.

Price per mesotherapy session: £200
Price per PRP session: £280
Combination package: £350



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