Facials are a commonly used treatment and help refresh and rejuvenate skin, whilst promoting healthy skin barrier function and removing oils from pores.  Daily stresses, dietary and environmental factors can damage and block pores causing breakouts, oil production and poor circulation.


Our collaboration with the award winning PCA skin, sees two new facials added to our treatment list.  


The PCA oxygenating trio combines a range of vitamin B's, plant extracts, plant oils, enzymes and ethers.  This treatment is great for improving skin function and circulation with no downtime.  The enzymes remove dead skin, whilst niacin-amide (Vitamin B5 helps reduce water loss and improves skin barrier).  Wild cherry seed oil and pumpkin seed oil help detoxify and ethers help oxygenate the skin.  This treatment is convenient for upcoming events as results are instant leaving, leaving you looking flawless.

Alternatively, PCA masks can be used prior to an Oxygenating trio treatment or as a stand alone treatment.  Our charcoal and oat is great for those with oily skin where as our pore refining contains a combination of mild acids and enzymes and produces a higher level of exfoliation (not as strong as a skin peel but very little downtime). 

Alternative PCA treatments also available.  Contact us for more information.  PCA home treatments compliment in-clinic treatments and will help maintain results at home.

All facial treatments are professional skincare treatments and will be provided after successful completion of a consultation with our practitioner.

PCA oxygenating trio: £50

PCA mask: £35

Combination treatment: £75​ 

Alternatively book online today:

Alternatively book online today

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