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Tips for Preparing for Chemical Peels

When getting chemical peels clients should know the right way to prepare. The first step is to select the right peel. There are different types and you should pick one that is right for your age, skin color, type, and skin condition.
Don’t Exfoliate: Since the chemical peel is already a form of exfoliation you don’t want to do any extra exfoliation a week before the appointment.
Stop Using Anti-Acne Medications: These medications, along with anti-aging medications, should be stopped since the products could affect how your skin tolerates the peel.
Stay Hydrated: Be sure to drink plenty of water and don’t use any products that could dry out your skin a few days before your appointment.
When scheduling chemical peels Watford residents should consider their important effects. There is a certain recovery time and if you have a big event in a couple of weeks, you want to make sure you schedule accordingly.

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