Sweating explained:

Excessive sweating can be a big issue for many people and can prevent them from carrying out normal daily activities.  Sweating occurs naturally for everyone and the main purpose of sweating is to regulate body temperature.  Sweat is produced by sweat glands in the deeper 'dermal' layers of the skin and these glands can be found all over the body but are more prominent in:

  • The forehead

  • armpits

  • upper lip

  • palms and soles of feet

The sweat rises to the surface of the skin and evaporates, cooling the skin and therefore, regulating the body temperature.

Sweating mainly occurs during: exercise, emotional stress, eating spicy food, illness, and being in hot temperatures.  However, some people produce excessive sweat even without the triggers.  This is known as 'Hyperhidrosis.'

Certain underlying conditions may trigger the excessive sweating such as: diabetes, hyperthyroidism, obesity and anxiety.  Genetic factors can also play a role.


There are currently a number of treatments to help with excessive sweating:

  • Weight reduction (if obese)

  • Anti-anxiety medication (to calm down the nervous system)

  • Anti-perspirants (containing aluminum salts)

  • Iontopherisis (an electrical current is passed through the sweat glands, reducing their activity).

  • Botulinum toxin (to paralyse the gland.  A single injection can paralyse a gland for 6-9 months).

  • surgery (a permanent solution)

Home care treatments include:

  • Avoiding spicy foods

  • Not smoking

  • Avoiding caffeine

  • Wearing loose breathable clothes

  • Drinking and applying apple cider vinegar to the body

  • Dabbing tea tree oil to most affected areas daily

The treatment we focus on is using botulinum toxin A, to help paralyse the sweat gland and provide relief for the client.  We will also discuss all lifestyle factors in our consultation.


Underarm sweating (one-arm): £195

Underarm sweating (both sides): £350

Forehead: £195

Scalp: £250

other areas: prices available on request.

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